Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Enjoyed using Audioboo!  My Be The Change Boo was created on my pc desktop using an external microphone.  I also download the app and created another Boo using my iPad.  Easy to use!
  1. Got my script
  2. This week, our schools Be the Change Team will be selling handmade bracelets for the Pulsera Project. Each bracelet is woven and unique. Attached to it is a tag with the name and picture of the person or child that made it. 100% of all proceeds go back to the Pulsera Project, which fund fair trade jobs, scholarships, community programs, interest free micro-loans, support for youth shelters, sustainable energy initiatives and more in the countries of Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Uganda. Support these artists and the projects that it supports by purchasing a Pulsera for $5 at lunch this week.
  3. Got the picture
  4. Recorded the script using an external microphone
  5. Uploaded the image
  6. Published my Boo
  7. Embedded into my Blog and WebPage

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