Friday, May 10, 2013

Student Portfolio

is an online flipping book software that allows you to convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications. It's the ideal solution for those who wish to embed a book, magazine, catalog, newspaper, portfolio or any other kind of document into a website or blog.
Once created, you can embed your flipping book collection, download it or share it on social networking websites such as Facebook.

Flash Page Flip
You can make and publish your own publications (Online Catalog, Digital Brochure, Flipping Book, Interactive Flyer, Virtual Magazine, Flip Album etc.) by writing JPEG or SWF formatted pages names on XML file in the Free Version. You don't have to know Flash software to make your flipping book
Create your online newspaper in minutes. Automatically find, publish & promote engaging articles, photos and videos from across the web.

Digital Storytelling
Not only is it easy to publish stories online, it is now very easy to create digital stories that come to life through images and video. The tools below are easy to use, free resources that can bring out the storyteller in all of us.

Web Design
Pupil Pages allows your child/student to create and maintain an online portfolio of his/her work.
The online portfolio will follow your student/child and their progression in school.

Links to Portfolio Examples

Three Rings - 
EverNote -
Google Drive -
WikiSpaces -
Blogs -
Diigo -
SlideShow -
Gloster -
Wix  -
Museum Box -

VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio
5th Grade Voice Thread Class Project Women's Suffrage

Step 1:
Sign up students for an individual account each in VoiceThread.
Step 2:
Brainstorm with students what they think needs to go into their portfolios.
Step 3:
Take the required photos. Upload to VoiceThread. Take picture of self (using photobooth) and change avatar. Add teacher’s email address to contacts and share VoiceThread with teacher. (This is how I could keep track of who was getting behind in their time management)
Step 4:
Write the scripts.
Step 5:
Students were then able to record their script on the appropriate page.
Step 6:
Listen to full VoiceThread, redo any pages where voice level was too quiet or too loud. Hand in completed Checklist to teacher. Using publishing options and playback options make changes as follows:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

On-Line Testing Examples

Quiz Revolution

On-Line Link to Quiz

Poll Daddy

Polldaddy Quiz


StudyStack Quiz


Edmodo Quiz
Must have an Edmodo account to take quiz.


ExamView Quiz


GoogleDrive Quiz


Socrative Quiz
Enter Room number 77362 to begin quiz

Ways to Use Socrative in the Classroom


SMART VE Assessment
Assessment ID: 111111

The tools listed are all great and easy ways to poll groups of people to assess understanding, measure opinions, and explore ideas. They are all free, and they do not require a programming degree to use them well.